1987 Hunter - Predator Series - AUGUST '09

Started by 147 crew, August 04, 2010, 01:28:23 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- 1987 Hunter (MUSIC2000) - Predator Series - 147 crew
AUTHOR- 147 crew AKA Majixherb
DESCRIPTION- After a long time of making tunes & working out how to use certain software, I managed to create Music using external samples & add rolling movies to compliment the tunes I produce. This is the 2nd to last track made using the above process. BIG Fan of the Predator movies so had to try & make something along those lines. Hopefully got good atmosphere and good melodies etc.

The movie was banned from Youtube due to copywrite but you can view on my Facebook page, videos are all active but most of the mp3 files have been corrupted in some way  ???

Need a facebook acc, sign in & my page will be available..

Been off here for over a year, (having babies & stuff. You know how it is,) back now but not as active as I once was. Be attempting new music shortly but it will no doubt take some time. Look forward to checking out all the latest artists contributions. The boards look rammed!!!  ;D

Banned movie on Youtube


Originally aired - AUGUST '09