Tellus 5- 8min video link. MY BEST TUNE

Started by 147 crew, July 20, 2008, 02:45:52 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- Tellus 5
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Youtube link (Will add mp3 to my facebook player)
DESCRIPTION- Been having some success with the reverb effects aswell as learning new techniques for better melodies, decided to put this to use in my Tellus series. I think it has worked really well and produced my best song to date. Not sure of the style? Quite varied but the flow seems really good and the sounds are pretty deep..Hope you enjoy!!

Not a Number

There's that Tellus Chord Progression again.

Glad I can use &fmt=18 to make it stereo; this might be one of the few I can safely record onto my iPod. :P
(now I hope that I can do the same with the other Telli...)

147 crew

My new favourite sample  :D

Whats the deal with the &fmt=18 again? You add it to the end of the link? I forget..  ???

Cool that yr gonna stick it on yr iPod, nice1


Well even with fmt=18 it's still mono because 147 crew cables/sound recorders only record in mono (or he uses the PC version of Music 2000, which has mono reverb), but sound quality is much better.

Btw this is one of my favourite from you now 147 crew ^^

147 crew

YOI will definitely try that thing on the end of the link then  :D

Yeah i'm using MUSIC2000 on my PS2, my cables are pretty shot though, maybe it would be better with gold scarts? leads? Will get a webcam soon also & try that method

Glad you liked it DJ Omnimaga, I thought it sounded like 1 of my better I gotta try and maintain it  :-\

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