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Started by JCW, December 12, 2008, 10:28:07 AM

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I thought it'd be an interesting idea to build on this. I was thinking, maybe for TIMGUL we could have a remix session. Remixing eachothers songs, of course the choices would be up to the user, and posting them here. Bit like a 'Secret Santa' thing but with music, lol.

To avoid plaguerism and dismay at tunes being used without permission they could just be TIMGUL exclusive uploads. That way if tunes are abused in any way they can be dealt with my moderators and admin respectively. I think it would help artists get into the mode of different genres and it would also be cool to hear others artists great tunes in another genre, and altogether just bring us closer as a community really. It'd be alot of fun I think, don't you?

Personally I have a few ideas of some tunes here I'd like to remix!

Fear 2 Stop®

I think this is a *great* idea. I would love to hear out stuff remixed. I'll ask my wife & Raymond how they feel about it.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop

147 crew

There has been some previous remixes, worked out really well. Good idea, but I think I would find it tough and it would take me ages. Would love to hear other peoples work  :D

Not a Number

I'm willing to give it a go.


EXCCELLENT IDEA!!!!! I think that we could maybe upload mp3s of just the riffs from the tunes to be remixed,having the riffs played one after the other with a 1 bar gap between each.That way we could download, then burn the mp3s to a cd then import the riffs in to the playstation(thats if you use a playstation)Would be great because that way we could use effects like tube,phase etc over drumloops,melodies etc,Somthing which is impossible otherwise because the riffs contain more than 1 note.And at the same time keep with the original track!

I,m up for it!!!

Fear 2 Stop®

Here's a question... if you do a remix of one of our tracks, do you mind if we post it to our soundclick site, providing we give you credit? Like the title could be some thing like "(insert title here)" by Fear 2 Stop (JCW remix) and maybe like post a link to your website or tracks?

Just a thought. Please let me know if it's cool.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop


To get a system up and running how about inserting 'available for remixing' when uploading a tune, as a way of letting people know your cool with it. And a list of the sample(s) used for main parts,say bass/melody.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.

Not a Number

I encourage others to remix my stuff anyways.. so long as the original samples/riffs don't appear.

Well, I encourage, so long as I'm asked if they can remix the song and credit is given where due.


Actually scrap that idea about making an mp3 of just riffs/samples,To much hassel,Though if anyone would like to remix one of my tracks with'**available for remix**'in the title,then feel free to sample the mp3s as much as you like.A full list of samples from each individual track available for remix has been added to the topic titled timgul instruments: http://www.mtv-music-generator.com/index.php?topic=1116.0//

If you would like to remix one of my tracks,Please make sure that my name is credited in the title eg:

Irndemon-Track 1-[whoever remix]


Fear 2 Stop,  feel free to upload them to soundclick that's cool.

Irndemon and Stonecold good ideas and yes they can be used if you wish.

On a side note, all of my tunes can be remixed by anybody I'm not restrictive about this and encourage it, I'd love to hear some of the talent here taking my tunes under their wing. This saves me updating my old topics with the availible for remixing message, although I'll probably get round to doing it anyway.


Id like to have a go at doing an atmospheric remix of your shuttle landing(intelligent remix).I have a few ideas,would be helpful if you would list all the samples used to create it in timgul instruments.I was thinking about either keeping the same melody sound or using a different sample but keeping the same pattern,Then using the same percussion samples in a different intelligent pattern.Then have it drop in to some amen & subs keeping the melody and the intelligent breaks playing with the amen.And add some atmospherics.Of course you would be credited in the title. Somthing like:

JCW-Shuttle Landing-[Irndemons shuttle take-off remix]
Scrap That!
JCW-Shuttle Landing-[Irndemon-Shuttle In Orbit Remix] :D


I wouldn't have much time to remix a track but those who use ePSXe emulator are free to remix some of my tracks as I provide the emulator memory card contents in the section right below the music showcase section. However those who are willing to can also remix or do cover of my other songs as well. That's providing it remains TIMGUL exclusive and that credit is given to me. I don't mind if remixes of my songs are uploaded on youtube though, providing my nickname is stated in the video and description or title. I may also use such tracks in future timgul rave mixes if they have club, rave, jungle beat or breakbeats


Cool DJ Omnimaga.

Irndemon, feel free to remix the track I'd love to hear it! I'll list the samples for you tomorrow I'm out of town at the moment but check tomorrow for a list looking forward to that.


i absolutly love remixes! i did a remix of spacekids 'coming home' which turned out ok. he sent me pictures of the main riffs and i then picked out the notes... it was really easy! if anyone wants to remix any of my tunes let me know and i'll give you the notes and chords required, id love to hear any of my tunes remixed!!  ;D


Awesome Pillage, I would attempt your tunes but I doubt I'm upto the level yet!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing some results from this idea, Fear 2 Stop and Irndemon seem to be interested in actually doing one as I guess everyone is busy for christmas etc but I can hardly wait to see what comes of this.

Casper AudioGhost

this is a great idea jcw and there are different ways to go about it.if i were to do a remix i'd prolly use samples from the original track that i cut into parts with magix music maker 10 and build around it.other programs good for this style of remixing include any version of ejay.i'm very into using music gen(and other music series programs)in hybrid with other softwares,a cheap technological fusion lol.good luck yall looking forward to hearing the different styles     casper
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Cheers for the advice and support Casper, my friend mentioned Ejay to me I did have it but never got round to checking it out I'll have to sometime.

Not a Number

I used to use it back in early 2005. (before I even thought up the "Not a Number" moniker)

Well, it was some shareware version of Total eJay and in hindsight it was really limited (I mean, limited to choosing 130BPM Dance, 80BPM Hip-hop or 170BPM Rave, you only had 8 sound channels and you couldn't make your own loops limited... well, you could import .wavs and it could export the song to .wav, but that was it.)

I did find a load of the old stuff I made in it and rebranded it under Not a Number, but I don't really see it as official Not a Number music, which is why I haven't got it on my site.


Awesome, I was told the new full version is really good. My friend said he'd lend it to me so I'll have to get that and see for myself what it's like. By the way Not a Number do you host your own site? I'm looking for some small space on an FTP to put my music info up on a small page somewhere, Geocities really doesn't cut it.

Not a Number

Not exactly; it's hosted at another site (by some guy I know from another forum) which I have FTP access to.. (though I can only access my website's folder)