Most favourite demo songs

Started by trance-man, January 23, 2008, 05:08:02 AM

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From Music, Music 2000(music generator 1),music 3000, music generator 2,
and music 3000?


Going down
Strait jacket

Music 2000:
Ela V8
Rocket science

Music 3000:

Reload: ppk

Music generator 2:
Zombie nation-Inside the speaker
dont look to the left
dont look to the right
just follow that sraight old line


So far there arent any really :( because i dont like them, but Busted Up is not bad (MTV Music Generator 2)

I prefer the songs people create :)



MUSIC 2000
wheres jack the ripper? - grooverider

busted up (ive remixed it quite a few times! ive done dnb house trance and hardcore mixes of it!)
Jazz - roni size

MUSIC 3000
pounding - doves
ready steady go - oakenfold


Mhmm I wonder if it couldnt be one of the hidden songs. I heard you could do a cheat code in Music 2000 and it would bring a secret song

147 crew

:) I just noticed the response, wheres jack the ripper? - Grooverider..

Thats my fave tune from MUSIC2000  

I think my favourite from MUSIC3000 is that really nice harmony one, its quite short but full of layers and harmonys and all round very good, Would like to hear the Roni size tune though..I have one of his in my playlist called jazzy, same one??  


btw I tried the cheat code to open the secret song in Music 2000 and it didnt worked :(, I think the walkthrough was wrong or something, because I typed exactly what they told me to. Could someone repost the code?

Not a Number

I believe that's for Music 3000; I don't own it myself, but I remember seeing it somewhere.


Music 2000 / MTVMG:

Rocket Science
Jack the Ripper


that's the code I am talking about:;cheats

Idk if it'S because I misinterpret what they say because english is not my native language, but I tried it in every way and it never did anything special


ok so i tried a copy of Music 2000, and it has more demo songs than MTV Music Generator. Actually Jack The Ripper isn't includded in the american version of music 2000, as well as a few other tunes

Also I noticed Music 2000 has language options when it starts, meaning you can put it in french, german, etc. The american version doesn't have that