Started by jonnermj1, November 02, 2007, 10:15:21 AM

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this was a piece of music I come up with towards the end of my experience with music 2000.  Mushy as it sounds I made this song for my wife, and she loved it.
I wanted it to sound relaxing and moody. :rolleyes:  

147 crew

Really nice and relaxing, very nice to listen to, great sounds!!


I remember listening to this masterpiece a while back, fantastic production, I get tingles when I listen to all your tracks.

Mustn't forget these works of art.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Man... you have a talent for relaxing, ambient music. Love the beat and percussion. I love teh blend of piano and guitar. This is a gem. A MUST listen. This is real class, pro.
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