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Started by 147 crew, December 11, 2008, 01:09:19 AM

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147 crew

Welcome to the Vault- Enjoy your stay

So I got loads of tunes that are unfinshed but r sounding good all the same, just might need some sound adjusting or more beats etc. Too many to finish so I thought i'd stick 'em here. Finished versions will be added as an individual topic. mp3 files are attached to this topic. Past the text.

Lots more will join-

Beat DownVSthe Nasty- (1m46) Condensed version of the Extended 10m mix. Have it down to about 6m30. Hopefully finish with 3m30.

World Communication- Originally made MAR' 08 Starting to update as I have done with the rest in this list. Kept the same harmony with more melodies to hopefully enhance what the original sounded like. Mp3 is of the first part I made, short video added of the second half. Will add full tune at some point.

Saigon- (4m23) First aired FEB '08 This is a remix I started ages ago, updated beats and sound.


Breeze- (2m52) Electronica. Something a little different. Short mix. NEW

Contremorph- (4m55) First aired MAY '08 Full version Remixed. Quite chilled but with that MEGA Bass line breaking it up.


the Nasty- (2m) Pretty recent tune I made just made something different with the samples.


EXILE 2009- (2m18) Intro to a forthcoming tune, might totally change it by the time it's done. Exile style melody into dnb style breaks. NEW

Tune of Doom (Final)- Coming soon.

T.Nation Remix Coming soon.

Hero II- (3m22) First aired JAN '08 Bout time for a remix. 2 parts to this tune, first is odd. Second is FULL of BASS, no pan pipe though. NEW



Trance V Dnb- (3m56) Free flowing beats into some 'Pillage' inspired harmony, not quite as good. Breakbeat to finish, bit of fun really. NEW

Breeze Dnb- 2 Different versions, need to enhance and play with. mp3 attachments in a later post. NEW

Tune of hope- Coming soon.

ExileAD- (1m33) Old tune, new beat. Bout it so far. This is the same skin as the NEW Exile 2009.

Machine Remix- (System overload) Will be adding the uninterrupted 11 min version of this track but also be doin' a sortened better version of system overload. FULL TUNE on facebook, small sample added of the melody construction (32s)

2 Worlds- (4m49) Was supposed to be a remix of Notre Dame but didn't really turn out the way I wanted, revisit this at some point. YOUTUBE LINK

Tellus 09- Melody/Bass/Harmony sample (1m30) Keep starting New projects when I should be finishing what I have. Just need to add some beats to this tune and some style

Will add some parts now and some more soon, short sampes of the coming soon tracks I will add too.

Check through the posts for more material. the 2nd vault is on page 3  :o

Come back soon for more NEW Material


 :D Ah..So this is the are the ones with the original topic link the ones that you are going to look in to,or are you putting all your unfinished tunes here and any new ones?

147 crew

I will add all the mp3 here, adding a few tonight then more soon. Most are remixes of old but New ones include Breeze Electronica,(Weird.) Full Contremorph. New version of the Nasty. Hero II. Trance V Dnb. New and improved Saigon. Lots more FULL versions and New ones to come. This is from 3 of my memory cards.
1202 AD is in its early stages along with many others. Hope you enjoy.  :D

New War on Tellus too!!

147 crew

the nasty 2009- (1m08) The intro of the remixed original nasty, work on this one soon.

mp3 attached to this topic


Tune has been completed added as own topic 'Beat Down' (REMIX of the NASTY '09)


Re:the nasty 2009

Them pads are quality and them harsh synths are wicked,would be great if the beats stopped then the atmosphere turned really nasty like the original all of the sudden then drops in to some heavy sub,very nasty harsh synth melody,dark style & big heavy drums. my recent tracks for drums ive layered up to 4 different samples on either kicks or snares just to get the sound i wanted and volume.  :)


 I like the nasty mp3 .Lively percussion,Cool synths.Sounds kinda pacman inspired in parts :)I still prefer the original intro though,Dark & twisted,Sinister name too.You do quality experimental DnB.

147 crew

Your latest tunes are very good, enjoyed a lot. Will try and spend more time on my stuff, hopefully upload some break samples into my tunes aswell. Have some rather strange sounding tunes, will add some of those too  :D

Put some finished vids on Youtube.


Nice one!! I will go check em,Listening to the trance'n,bass track.I like the way it starts off a bit moody then gradually evolves in to the trancey bit.Lots of sounds and change in this one,Good concept and very experimental stuff.I've noticed a change in tactics in your recent works.More reverb/edits :)Good stuff!

147 crew

No finished vids yet on youtube, But I will put some up soon. Yeah the Trancey tune was an experiment whilst reading the topic bout melodies. Fun messing with the game, goes from room to space to room. Still getting used to it all, might add space to the Nasty intro. Do what you said.

147 crew

The remix of Hero II has been added minus part1 as it was too bizarre, kicks straight in with beats'n'bass. A work in progress  :D


 :D Just been listening to heroII.This one has a good groove,Funky breaks'n'Frantic hihats,Lovin the fills and that b-line is cool.
I get a lot of inspiration from certain parts of your tracks.Keep em commin!!!
I want to try and make some neurofunk,Lovin that stuff at the mo! Just need to find some good acid/303 type sounds,the drums should be a breeze.

147 crew

ExileAD has been added to the vault mp3 playlist. A work in progress  :D

147 crew

I had a comment on my youtube homepage from someone about neurofunk, I'm not sure which one of me tunes they were on about though?

More tunes to add plus a few things to bin, worth another listen. Hero II is fun, needs more tweaking which will happen at some point. Listening to the Power mix vol 1 earlier, loads of insperation in there. Massive variation.  8)


He could have mean't synth assault hard remix.That grainy b-line is kinda neurofunk and the atmosphere in general.the beats were kinda funk but techstep aswell.Stalker reworkerd for sure.Exile ad sounds neurofunk, because it has that spacey atmosphere and acidey squelches in the b-line Lovin it!! You should do one with funk breaks like the ones in stakka & skynet violent extremes,But keeping the same type of spacey atmosphere'n'b-lines.Would be wicked!! ;)New sounds from an old programme!

147 crew

Man I wish I studied MUSIC  :-[

Think i'll visit a topic OMNI made ages ago with different types/styles of MUSIC, link to a fantastic web page MUSIC thing. It is massive and in loads of depth, good sound/Music samples too

When I find the link i'll share with you. I will have a go at creating something from ExileAD. I enjoyed the start of the original version, scrapped now but will see what evolves. Adding more to the vault soon  :D

Keep adding those TIMGUL instruments  8)


I Know that site well....Ive been there many times before and gone through every style of music.Very interesting site!!Though the descriptions for some of the genres are based around the writers personal tastes :D

Gonna list the samples from generic clowns , metal skeleton & liquid metal skeleton ;D

I have a programme called virtual dj that i've been playing about with lately so with a few more dnb mp3s i'm gonna try and do a mix,Much easier mixing the good old 12s.

147 crew

New mp3 added to the vault- Intro to the forthcoming Exile 2009. A work in progress  :D

147 crew

Cheers for the link, cool place.

Lovin' TIMGUL instruments! Very helpful. I really like the mixes on TIMGUL so far, be good if you added one too  :D

147 crew

Breeze Dnb mix 1 (3m44) This is actually a remix of part 2, Mad start but soon calms down into lots of hats n stuff. I have enhanced the beats just need to work on it some more.

Breeze Dnb mix 2 (3m01) Quite a sinister melody goin' on, really need to put some work into this one. Have 22 loaded samples to work with so hopefully make something decent

mp3 files attached to this post. Breeze Dnb MIXES 1 & 2. Both works in progress

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