A Backwards step?

Started by KalsolarUK, November 07, 2007, 01:38:27 PM

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Tonight I was looking online for MG1 and MG2 to replace my existing copies that have some scraches. I ended up buying both games used, they were both listed as being in excellent condition (I hope). I paid $50 all together for both games on Amazon.com . I also bought a PS3 memory card adapter from Target so I can backup the four PS1 and five PS2 memory cards I have that are all full of music. I have been using MTV Music Generator for at least 7 years and never thought it had this much of on online following. I'm not suprised though. I own MTV Music Generator 1, 2, 3, DHF and also have a Korg Triton Keyboard, Fostex Digital 8 Track Recorder, NuMark Turntable, Audio Technica Condenser Mic and a TDK stand alone CD Burner. I don't think I would have turned my guest bedroom into a recording studio if it hadn't been for the Generator. Feel free to check out my music on my website and add me while your there.
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