How to avoid each notes cutting each others?

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 09, 2007, 09:08:16 PM

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In Music 2000 if you place a note next to the other in the same channel, when that note is played the sound of the previous one is cut, literally. To prevent this you must alternate between two sound channels when you place your notes. For example, note 1 will be on channel 1, note 2 on channel 2, note 3 on channel 1, note 4 on channel 2, etc. You can watch an example here:

Sorry for the bad sound quality, I tried to make the video as small as possible.


I discovered that if you like a loud bass signal with the kick drum you can do this same trick. 4 tracks works good as a general rule for me, however sometimes if I am going for a lot of power and loooooong kick hits with a ring to them I will use 8 channels. If you shift the pan around a little with each note and vary the number so it is not a recognizable pattern you get a nice distortion like you are in a rave hall...  
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nice i should try this. Which sample would you recommend? (on Music 2000)