PS1 or PS2?

Started by DaveM, January 28, 2009, 02:04:40 PM

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I wanted to ask you, did somebody had experiences with the difference between Playstation 1 and 2 while working with Music 2000? I have a PS 1 and would it be better to work with the PS 2 from the aspect of sound quality? I just use the cinch wire and I would do that with the PS 2, too. Would it be the same quality?


I recommend an original PS1, from experience, altough if your CD is scratched it can crash more than on a PS2 I think.  On the PS2 the sound quality is the same and the memory limitations too, plus you can only save your songs on PS1 memory cards. But loading new samples can take up to 1 minute instead of like 2 seconds on a PS2, so the wait can be incredibly long sometimes. Besides that everything else seemed similar.

I personally use a PS1 emulator on my PC (same quality than on PS1, except that the click and pops you hear between low treble samples are louder sometimes)


I've noticed that if you run Music 2000 on a ps2 in high quality and fast loading mode you get unlimited undos if that helps you.


Uhm, how would you active such mode? I never seen such option in my PS2, but again I only got one in exchange from my small PS1 this summer and only used it like 6 times. Is it only on the big model? because I have the small PS2 model


oooh thanks I never noticed that before. had to press triangle to display the version and to me "Version" wasn't something really attracting. I mean I didn't expected any options to be hidden there x.x It works now