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Timgul Rave Mix now avaliable for download!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 18, 2008, 07:54:30 am

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January 18, 2008, 07:54:30 am Last Edit: June 05, 2011, 09:39:07 am by DJ_Omnimaga
Finally, the mix is complete! This mix is for everyone who enjoy dance music ranging from club to rave tunes! The mix contain everything you need to satisfy your clubber/raver spirit, from trance to drum and bass, passing by house, happy hardcore and UK hardcore. Every single songs has been made using Codemaster's and Jester's Music, Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator) and MTV Music Generator 2. All tracks were made by members of TIMGUL. The mix starts with a remix of the song Busted Up by Keith Leory, found on MTV Music Generator 2 CD, and finish with another one, both by Pillage My Village. Here is the track listing below as well as the entire mix avaliable in one file in MP3 format (320k):

DJ Omnimaga Timgul Rave Mix
01 - Keith Leory - Busted Up (Pillage My Village Remix) - MTV Music Generator 2
02 - Orion - Chronicles - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
03 - KalsolarUK - Ambivalence - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
04 - DJ Omnimaga - The Winter Trance - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
05 - KalsolarUK - Evereebodee - MUSIC
06 - DJ Omnimaga - The Summer Trance - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
07 - Red Mist Pete - Once around the Sun - MUSIC
08 - Pillage My Village - Sunset Chasers - MTV Music Generator 2
09 - DJ Omnimaga - Dancing Legend 2007 - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
10 - Pillage My Village - Another Chance - MTV Music Generator 2
11 - Tech87 - Below The Blue Sky (Original Version) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
12 - DJ Omnimaga - Other World - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
13 - DJ Omnimaga - Deep Under The Shadows - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
14 - Tech87 - Endless - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
15 - Tech87 - Forget Me Not - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
16 - Red Mist Pete - Dream Sonata - MUSIC
17 - DJ Omnimaga - Epic Journey Through The Galaxy - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
18 - DJ Omnimaga - A New World To Discover 2008 - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
19 - 147 Crew - 6 7 8 - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
20 - 147 Crew - Planet Magix - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
21 - 147 Crew - Chant (Extended) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
22 - Keith Leory - Busted Up (Pillage My Village Fast Remix) - MTV Music Generator 2
Total lenght: 1:13:34


I would like to congrat all those people for their work on those tracks and to everyone for contributing to the Music community and this forum!


that was... awesome! excellent job and thankyou!


wow..thats quite a mega mix! And quite a file size too! Phew! Excellently done, thanks for that, a great mixture of tunes there!


A big thankyou to Kevin for this remix. Awesome!

Everyone can be proud to be a part of this little community!

See ya!


woow if you guy see what I have  you guys will be like this :o  I have some good songs but my ps1 version but my disk broke :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  if some one can send me the ps1 or pc version will be happy and ill make so many songs.

Unforgotten Village Idiot

Whens the next cd? haha.

Cause you made this before i posted my music.  :P  
I am The Unforgotten.


Idk yet, prbly when I get a bit less busy I will start trying to figure out which songs to choose and which not

Unforgotten Village Idiot

I am The Unforgotten.


yeah def let us know when you are gonna make another mix.
the first one was awesome!
i have a couple of new tracks in production which could be on a new mix?
prob be ready in 2 weeks! (maybe including some happy hardcorish tracks)  :D  


hardcore wold rule ^^

I wonder which one to add, but it will prbly be at least one of your most recent tunes with an old one. Stop 2008 by Spacekid will introduce the mix and near the end there will be DnB. However I need to find a good song to make the transition from house/trance to hardcore/dnb, which I currently don't have, so I may try to do two mixes instead. One for faster songs and one for slower ones

Not a Number

Would it be possible to have each track seperate; or to keep the whole "mixiness", give the times of each track change?


all tracks are avaliable on this forum or Youtube  separately. Some are in video formats though so they take ages to download. I may reupload all tracks separately in one post though, but they will be named as Track1, Track2, etc

Not a Number

February 22, 2008, 03:59:21 am #12 Last Edit: February 22, 2008, 03:59:56 am by Not a Number
Like I said, maybe if the times of each section of the mix was posted up, It'd be easier to put together (Like what I did to my Infinity Part 1 mix; although initially 12 minutes long, I posted the length of each section for the sake of letting others know which section's which)

Holy crap, 168.4MB. :P


o.k. i will have another track finished by the end of next week and also a happy hardcorish remix of 'sunset chasers'.
both tracks will be pretty good (i hope) and i will upload on here and youtube as usual. then poss they can be added to the mix(es)?
are you mixing it up before next friday? (just so i know how long i have to produce the new tracks) cheers!  :D  


make sure angel in the stars is in the next mix!!  :lol:
if you like you can use any of my newest tracks...
i loved the first mix and now there are many more artists/tracks to choose from!

147 crew

Yeah boyeeee, over 200 tunes now, thats really good..lovin' the CREATIONS!!!


Yeah I never thought that many tunes would appear in the forums. We're about to break the 255 topic per page limit, meaning oldest topics will show on page 2 soon :P


may i recommend 'world communication' by 147 crew!?
one of the best dnb tunes ive heard in a while!  :lol:  


I still need to check some of his tuns, there's lot of good ones, it will be hard to make my choice XD

There was also Seipher stuff that I missed. I may try to get one of his tune on the next mix if he wants to

147 crew

gee thanks..seipher- danger in the dark, danger in the dark!!

If you do make a new mix I need to change world communication, well upload my new version just added a beat at the start thats all..if you wanna stick it on that is

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