Music 3000 for Xbox???

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 29, 2008, 07:49:41 AM

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I thought Music 3000 was only for PS2?

If it's really for xbox I may buy it, as xbox doesnt need memory cards since you can save your stuff on the harddrive and maybe it has a way to get the songs over the PC when connected to the net  :P

I hope a version is avaliable soon on amazon for Xbox, maybe ebay have some, but it would need to be the american version so it run at all. I wonder if there is a PC version?


Ive also seen the Xbox version of MG3!!!!!! :blink:  :blink:  :blink:  
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yeah i knew there was a xbox version of this one (which is hard to find on amazon) but i wasnt aware there was an xbox version of 3000. Imo the xbox version must be better due to newer and better hardware. I am wondering how well my 360 would run them though

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It was cancelled. I was greatly anticipating  it,too...
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yeah i noticed on some random sites, which sucks :(

THis would have been cool to not have to save songs on memory cards and maybe it could have allowed converting them to mp3 or something