Closer (Twisted Coord Mix) - (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Started by Coordman, July 02, 2011, 12:25:10 AM

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Keeping a promise to Zodiac, here. This is a song that I've held back for a little while, partly because I think the mix might be a little bit... I don't know what the word might be... eccentric? I kinda took the framework of the original and threw whatever I thought might sound cool at it a'la Jackson Pollack to see if it would stick. What I ended up with is a mishmash of synth, overdrive guitar, pizzicato strings, and synthesized wind effects. I also tried, and ultimately failed, to get the synth lead in the chorus to sound right, so I scrapped it entirely. I've been wanting to find a multitrack of the original so I could place the vocals into the mix but, alas, it doesn't seem to exist. Also, just so you know, I DID sample the iconic snare sound for this track, but everything else is original.

Anyway, I hope you all like.

Ooh, as an after thought, this is the first track I've managed to record strictly digitally in it's entirety. I happened to remember that my PC has a digital S/PDIF input built onto the motherboard and, somewhat of a surprise to me, I can record from it through the software that came bundled with my Soundblaster X-FI Fatality card. True digital, baby!  ;D
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ok that simple beat is kicking arse, the mix is actually very inspiring. LUUUVV that base around the 1 10 mark! Then the change shortly after is haunting, but funky man! catchy as hell.
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when i played this track yesterday while playing Unreal Tournament 3, i could not stop listening to it.  U FUCKIN NAILED DIS TRACK DUDE (no pun intended).  everything sounded perfect, but i really luved that chime sound that comes in at 0:43, that bass at 1:10, and that piano riff at 5:01. like wat dreadspawn said..."catchy as hell".  i had to put this on repeat and just let it play over and over again.  nice work coordman.


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Wow, those are some pretty great compliments. Guess the mix is not as weird as I had thought. Thanks everyone!  ;D
Never sweat the petty things and never pet the sweaty things. -George Carlin


No weirder than some of Reznor's own remixes!
Seriously, though, this is excellent - surprising close to the feel of the original, but with your own mark - great job!
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